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Scholastic Tournament Results - FROSTY PAWN, February 8
Results for all players.

Shohom Bandyopadhyay & Andre Vivier
Grade Winners
Biggest Upset & 3.0 Medal Winners

Fifty-three players from Spokane and the surrounding communities competed for individual prizes and an elementary team trophy at the Frosty Pawn youth chess tournament.

The event was the first held at First Presbyterian Christian School, which parents lauded as an excellent facility.

Alex Popescu again topped the upper section with a perfect 5.0. He took home $30 for his efforts. Ken McGuire was second with 4.0 and Alex Herron (3.5) finished third.

In the two elementary divisions, the Bandyopadhyay brothers both had perfect scores and won the Grand Champion trophies in the respective divisions. Behind Aditya in K-3 were a trio with 4.0. Katherine Gunn won
the second grade trophy ahead of Sam Morris on tie-breaks. Gabrielle Lee was the top third grader. Conner Gosselin-Harris (2.0) was the top first grader. Each player scoring 3.0 or more in K-3 took home a medal or trophy. Luke Anderson (2.0) also won a medal for biggest upset.

Maxwell Johnson's 3.0 matched his father's score in the parent's tournament, putting the pair on top to take home a new chess set in the parent/child team competition.

Behind Shohom Bandyopadhyay in K-6 were Andre Vivier and Alex Anderson with 4.0. Each won first in his respective grade. A.J. Stenbeck (3.0) was the top fifth grader. As in K-3, all those scoring 3.0 or more went home with awards.

Saint George's School won their sixth consecutive team trophy. Westgate  Christian and Bryant tied for second in the elementary team competition.

As time permits we will get our entire picture gallery of winners online.

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