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January Joust Scholastic Tournament
January 11, 2014

The January Joust had to compete with youth basketball and professional
football, yet still drew 48 players from 19 schools. Saint George's School
won the elementary team trophy for the fifth time in as many tournaments.

Individual trophies in K-3 were won by Aditya Bandyopadhyay (5.0), Grand
Champion in K-3; Evelyn Arquette (4.0), first place in grade
one; Gabrielle Lee (4.0), first place in grade three; as well as all those
scoring 3.0 in the K-3 division.

In K-6, Suhang Liu finished with a perfect 5.0 to win the Grand Champion
trophy for the second time in three tournaments. David Sposito (4.0), who
beat Suhang in the Black Knight's Joust in November, placed second. Logan
Faulkner (4.0) was behind David on tie-breaks. Tariq Ravasia (3.0) was the
top fourth grader. All those scoring 3.0 took home hardware, and Jordan
Smith (2.5) won a book for biggest upset.

In the HS/MS section, two fourth graders were the early leaders and squared
off in round three on the top board. Alex Popescu (4.0) won that game, but
lost to Ken McGuire (4.0) in the last round. They each took home $35 for
their performance. Trevor Murphy (3.5) beat Ken in the first round and won
$15 for his third place finish. His only loss was to fourth grader Ethan Wu.

The circle of victories among the top players reveals the quality of
competition: Ethan beat Trevor who beat Ken who beat Alex who beat Ethan.

   Commentary by James Stripes, Tournament Director

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: Knights K-3

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Aditya Bandyopadhyay843W10W5W3W2W4 5.0
2Evelyn Arquette922W8W4W9L1W7 4.0
3Gabrielle Lee855W11W7L1W13W5 4.0
4Sam Morris736W15L2W14W6L1 3.0
5Andrew Naresh558W17L1W10W9L3 3.0
6Ryan Waters432W13L9W8L4W14 3.0
7Katherine Gunn727W19L3W16W14L2 3.0
8Luke Anderson539L2W18L6W17W13 3.0
9Josh Lubanski843W12W6L2L5D11 2.5
10Connor Gosselin-harris488L1W15L5D12W16 2.5
11Mason Ramot537L3W19L13W18D9 2.5
12Oliver Pooler467L9L13W15D10W19 2.5
13Gabe Gustafson656L6W12W11L3L8 2.0
14Isabella Rigutto756W18W16L4L7L6 2.0
15Ethan Shanunr.L4L10L12B---W17 2.0
16Jeron Brown400B---L14L7D19L10 1.5
17Austin Julsen400L5B---D19L8L15 1.5
18Sarah Gunn420L14L8B---L11H--- 1.5
19William Hollandunr.L7L11D17D16L12 1.0
January Joust

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: Rooks K-6

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Suhang Liu1152W9W5W4W7W2 5.0
2David Sposito1082W10W8W6W4L1 4.0
3Logan Faulkner893W13L4W10W5W6 4.0
4Shohom Bandyopadhyay1003W16W3L1L2W7 3.0
5Tariq Ravasia959W15L1W13L3W11 3.0
6Gage Nielsen948W18W12L2W8L3 3.0
7Aj Stenbeck780B---W9W12L1L4 3.0
8Alex Anderson923W17L2W14L6W13 3.0
9Jack Morris778L1L7W17W15W14 3.0
10John Field761L2W17L3W18W15 3.0
11Jordan Smith668H---U---W15W12L5 2.5
12Noah Brody1032W14L6L7L11W18 2.0
13Meghna Pream Dutta762L3B---L5W17L8 2.0
14Ben Brock714L12W18L8W16L9 2.0
15Zachary Patrickunr.L5W16L11L9L10 1.0
16Cole Lewisunr.L4L15D18L14D17 1.0
17Jahden Brownunr.L8L10L9L13D16 0.5
18Ethan Nareshunr.L6L14D16L10L12 0.5
January Joust

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: Queens K-12

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Alex Popescu1221W6W10W4W5L2 4.0
2Ken McGuire1290L3W11W10W4W1 4.0
3Trevor Murphy995W2L4W8D7W9 3.5
4Ethan Wu1094W8W3L1L2B--- 3.0
5Shawn Lewis1093W9W6W7L1L8 3.0
6Kevin Eaton1201L1L5W11W8W7 3.0
7Alex Herron1001W11W9L5D3L6 2.5
8David Decaro-brown400L4B---L3L6W5 2.0
9Austin Torres777L5L7B---W10L3 2.0
10Dan Heglin810B---L1L2L9W11 2.0
11James Hollandunr.L7L2L6B---L10 1.0

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