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Results for the
King's Clash Scholastic Tournament

November 2, 2013
The 54 players represented sixteen area schools in the
two elementary sections and five schools in the MS/HS section.

 RESULT DETAILS - see results for all players.

    TEAM PLAY - Close race to the end!
In the elementary team competition Saint George's edged past Westgate Christian.
Going into the last round, Westgate Christian held a narrow lead over Saint George's, 12.5 to 12 points. However, Saint George's gained more in round five to prevail. Final score: 15 to 14. (Teams scores are calculated using the top four players from each school).

    Individual Awards in K-3
Grand Champion:
Sam Morris (4.0)
Grade 3 Winner: Gabrielle Lee (3.5)
Grade 2 Winners:
Josh Lubanski (3.5) & Gabe Gustafson (3.5)
Grade 1 Winner:  Evelyn Arquette (3.0)
Kindergarten Winner: Per Sande (2.5)

    Individual Awards K-6
Grand Champion: Alex Popescu with a perfect 5.0.
Grade 6 Winner: Shohom Bandyopadhyay (4.0)
Grade 5 Winner: Meghna Dutta (4.0)
Grade 4 Winner: Ethan Wu (4.0)

    More State Qualifiers from this Tournament
K-3: Isabella Rigutto (3.0); Derek Phipps (3.0);
        Jacob Fausti (3.0)
K-6: Alex Anderson (3.5); David Sposito (3.0);
        Andre Vivier (3.0); Naomi Hertz (3.0);

   Individual Awards K-12
The top two players took home new chess sets.
Kevin Eaton topped the field with 5.0,
Ken McGuire, a second with 4.0.

Sam Morris (4.0)
1st Place K - 3 Division

Alexander Popescu (5.0)
1st Place K-6 Division

Kevin Eaton (5.0)
1st Place High School Division

Elizabeth Arquette (1.0)
Our first Pre-School player !

 Saint Georges K-6 Team Champions
King's Clash Tournament, November 2, 2013

As time permits we will get our entire picture gallery of winners online.

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