Pioneer School Top Team



( More like tie-break madness ! )
by James Stripes

A trio of players dominated the upper elementary and middle school section at the March Madness youth chess tournament. The event was held at Saint George's School on March 12. The trio of players were teammates or they might have been paired against one another before the final round. Varun Ambalavanan, Connor Gosselin-Harris, and Aniketh Parlapalli each accounted for one of the losses of every player who scored 3.0 in their section.

In the final round, Aniketh faced Varun, while Connor played the top player with one less point than the trio, another teammate. Varun won and finished first on tie-breaks over Connor, both finishing with perfect 5.0 scores. Connor earned a trophy for second place. Aniketh was the top fourth grader. Toby Kast, dispatched by Connor in the final round, finished as the top 3.0 and took home the trophy for top fifth grader. The top sixth grader, Mia Sponseller, also finished with 3.0 as did four others who went home without trophies.

Also receiving trophies in that section were Jack Curry (2.0) for biggest upset and Tysean Oliver (2.0) for first in seventh grade.

In the K-3 section, Arnav Wadikar and Ethan Shan drew their final round game after both beating all other opponents. They finished with 4.5 each. Arnav was first on tie-breaks. Ethan took home the second place trophy. Two others were close behind with 4.0. Rohan Dhillon won the trophy for first in third grade, while Evelyn Arquette, behind Rohan on tie-breaks, took home a chess book.

Others winning trophies in K-3 were Ben Barrett (3.0), first in second grade; Elizabeth Arquette (3.0), first in first grade; Alex Marsh (2.5), first in kindergarten; and Amelie Hilton (2.0) for biggest upset.

The top three players by rating and the only high school player elected to play a quad--a four player all-play-all--with a longer time control. Garrett Casey won all three games and took home two chess books for his efforts. Alex Herron was second, losing only to Garrett, and took home a chess book for second place.

Pioneer School's 17.0 top four combined score topped Saint George's School (14.5), The Oaks (11.0), and Roosevelt (8.5) for the team trophy.

Anand Wadikar was again perfect in the parents competition. His score added to son Arnav's edged out the Gosselin-Harris family by half a point for the family prize. Having won a chess set in a prior tournament, they took home a book.


SwissSys Standings. March Madness: Knights K-3
#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Wadikar, Arnav963SOP2W15W16W5W3D2 4.515.514.551.5
2Shan, Ethan683SGS2W19W7W6W5D1 4.514.514.545.5
3Dhillon, Rohan1019SGS3W17W11W4L1W8 4.0161350
4Arquette, Evelyn899SRA3W18W9L3W15W6 4.0141242
5Hilton, Olivia1175PSP3W24W8L1L2W10 3.016.51048
6Barrett, Ben974OKS2W13W10L2W11L4 3.0161150.5
7Parlapalli, Ananya879PSP3W12L2W9L10W16 3.014.5946
8Arquette, Elizabeth799SRA1W22L5W16W12L3 3.012.51039.5
9Knapton, Cole766OKS3W21L4L7W17W15 3.011.5835
10Rooney, Adrian789SGS1B---L6W17W7L5 3.011935
11Dickerson, Rennon853PSP3W23L3W13L6D12 2.513.58.538
12Garberg, Cayden478RSV3L7W19W18L8D11 2.511.57.531.5
13Marsh, Alex529CEA3L6W21L11W22D14 2.5106.530
14Korb, Jaxon788PVE0U---W18L15W20D13
15Hilton, Amelie526PSP1L1W20W14L4L9 2.015.5744
16Johnson, Benjamin761JFS3W20L1L8W21L7 2.012738.5
17Simonds, Connor681PSP3L3W23L10L9W20 2.012533
18Maestas, Joey481ALT1L4L14L12W19W21 2.011329
19Wilson, Graysonunr.HAV2L2L12L20L18W22 1.011130
20Knapton, Joshuaunr.OKS1L16L15W19L14L17 1.010326.5
21Garberg, Aaronunr.RSV1L9L13B---L16L18 1.09.5224.5
22Gosselin-harris, Claire436PSP1L8H---U---L13L19
23Boyle, Alexunr.HAM2L11L17U---U---U--- 0.04.5013.5


SwissSys Standings. March Madness: Rooks 4+
#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Ambalavanan, Varun1332PSP4W8W9W11W5W3 5.0151546
2Gosselin-harris, Connor1051PSP3W14W12W6W13W4 5.0121538
3Parlapalli, Aniketh1172PSP4W10W7W13W11L1 4.014.51449
4Kast, Toby965PSP5L12W14W15W7L2 3.014942
5Morris, Sam999SGS4L16W18W8L1W11 3.013.5839
6Simonds, Cameron1161VLC5W15L11L2W19W10 3.013842
7Gustafson, Gabe896SGS5W19L3W16L4W12 3.012.5942
8Sponseller, Mia813FAR6L1W22L5W14W13 3.012.5736
9Brown, Malia899OKS5W22L1L12W16W15 3.011.5835
10Johnson, Maxwell750CAT5L3D19W21W12L6 2.511.5737.5
11Paquet, Desmond837RSV4W17W6L1L3L5 2.017948
12Curry, Jack584SGS4W4L2W9L10L7 2.016.5848
13Kuhn, Noah907RSV4W18W16L3L2L8 2.015.5944
14Hubble, Mason603RSV4L2L4W17L8W20 2.015437
15Keener, Orrin750OKS5L6W17L4W20L9 2.013631
16Reeves, Liam736PSP4W5L13L7L9W19 2.012.5639
17Oliver, Tyseanunr.EGP7L11L15L14W22W21 2.07.5321.5
18Boyle, Dylan537CAT5L13L5L19W21B--- 2.07.5224.5
19Jetton, Dani400RSV5L7D10W18L6L16 1.512532
20Kim, Davidunr.OKS5U---U---W22L15L14 1.04.5310
21Sorensen, Mark400OKS6H---U---L10L18L17 0.56212
22Schweigert, Derekunr.AST4L9L8L20L17U--- 0.010021


SwissSys Standings. March Madness: Kings Quad
#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotTBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Casey, Garrett1657LBY6W4W3W2 3.0366
2Herron, Alex1538GPS9W3W4L1 2.0457
3Faulkner, Logan1432NWD8L2L1W4 1.05111
4Carlson, Alexander1101GPS10L1L2L3 0.06012


SwissSys Standings. March Madness: Bishops Parents
#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotTBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Wadikar, Anand1878ADU13W3W2W4 3.0467
2Gosselin-harris, Kyle1231ADU13W4L1W5 2.0449
3Hilton, Jeff1101WAX13L1W5B--- 2.03.528
4Boyle, Felicia400ADU13L2B---L1 1.05110
5Dhillon, Purvi1071ADU13B---L3L2 1.03.526