Inland Chess Academy

Queen's Crown
Scholastic Chess Tournament
November 14, 2015

Hosted by
Presbyterian Christian School

Pioneer School prevailed in the strongest scholastic chess team competition that the Spokane area has seen in the past few years. The school's top four accumulated 13.5 points to prevail over Saint George's School's 12.5. Close behind were The Oaks Academy (12), Cataldo (12), and host school First Presbyterian (11).

In the K-2 section, three players topped the field of 21 with 4.0 each. Ben Barrett was first overall. Laura Sheikh placed second, and Arnav Wadikar took the trophy for first in grade two. Per Sande (3.5) edged Colby Jessup (3.5) for the second place in second grade medal. Cooper Florence (2.5) won the trophy for first in grade one, while Cyler Jessup (2.5) was second in that grade. Ethan Shan won the upset trophy.

Aditya Bandyopadhyay prevailed over all opponents to score a perfect 5.0 in K-4. Varun Ambalavanan (4.0) was second overall and Aniketh Parlapalli took home the fourth grade trophy. Desmond Paquet was second in fourth grade. Jackson Florence (3.0) was first in grade three and Olivia Hilton (3.0) was second. The upset trophy went to Addison Bowen. There were 22 players in the section.

In the top section, which included 14 players as old as eighth grade, Garrett Casey finished first with 4.5. Logan Faulkner (4.0) was second. In third place, Mythreya Dharani won the upset trophy. The top fifth graders were Cameron Simonds and Annie Alvarez, both with 3.0. Cameron had the better tie breaks. Joshua Kimball (2.0) was the top sixth grader. Hannah Wach also took home a prize for second in sixth grade. Suhang Liu (3.0) won the seventh grade trophy and Shohom Bandyopadhyay won the eight grade trophy.    by James Stripes

Queen's Crown Standings - Section K-2



Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Ben Barrett W5 L3 W9 W14 W2 4.0
2 Laura Sheikh W15 W14 W4 W6 L1 4.0
3 Arnav Wadikar B--- W1 W7 L4 W6 4.0
4 Per Sande W21 W7 L2 W3 D5 3.5
5 Colby Jessup L1 W11 W16 W8 D4 3.5
6 Ethan Shan W9 W16 W8 L2 L3 3.0
7 Paul Davis W13 L4 L3 W12 W10 3.0
8 Benjamin Kapaun W18 W10 L6 L5 W14 3.0
9 Paul Michael Leaver L6 W17 L1 W16 W19 3.0
10 Cole Watkins W17 L8 W19 D11 L7 2.5
11 Natalie Tomkins D19 L5 W20 D10 D18 2.5
12 Cooper Florence L14 D15 W21 L7 W20 2.5
13 Cyler Jessup L7 W18 L14 D17 W21 2.5
14 Amelie Hilton W12 L2 W13 L1 L8 2.0
15 Andrew Yarno L2 D12 D18 D19 D17 2.0
16 Tayler Smith W20 L6 L5 L9 B--- 2.0
17 Kylah Vandergriend L10 L9 B--- D13 D15 2.0
18 Adam Ling L8 L13 D15 B--- D11 2.0
19 Jude Alsulimuneen D11 D21 L10 D15 L9 1.5
20 Claire Gosselin-harris L16 B--- L11 D21 L12 1.5
21 Brennan Cunningham L4 D19 L12 D20 L13 1.0

Queen's Crown Standings - Section K-4

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Aditya Bandyopadhyay W10 W8 W13 W2 W6 5.0
2 Varun Ambalavanan W17 W14 W7 L1 W5 4.0
3 Aniketh Parlapalli W4 W9 L6 W7 W14 4.0
4 Desmond Paquet L3 D20 W22 W12 W13 3.5
5 Jackson Florence W6 L7 W9 W13 L2 3.0
6 Kara Chiang L5 W21 W3 W16 L1 3.0
7 Sam Morris W20 W5 L2 L3 W8 3.0
8 Olivia Hilton B--- L1 W14 W11 L7 3.0
9 Rohan Dhillon W15 L3 L5 W20 W16 3.0
10 Noah Kuhn L1 L15 W18 W21 D11 2.5
11 Kelly Cunningham W18 L13 W15 L8 D10 2.5
12 Connor Gosselin-harris H--- U--- W21 L4 W17 2.5
13 Mathew Wasson W19 W11 L1 L5 L4 2.0
14 Sarah Gunn W22 L2 L8 W15 L3 2.0
15 Addison Bowen L9 W10 L11 L14 W21 2.0
16 Connor Simonds L21 W18 W19 L6 L9 2.0
17 Benjamin Johnson L2 D22 D20 W19 L12 2.0
18 Jacoby Hansen L11 L16 L10 W22 W20 2.0
19 Ashtan Krzyzanek L13 B--- L16 L17 W22 2.0
20 Liam Reeves L7 D4 D17 L9 L18 1.0
21 Daylene Isley W16 L6 L12 L10 L15 1.0
22 Seth Vandergriend L14 D17 L4 L18 L19 0.5

Queen's Crown Standings - Section K-12

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Garrett Casey W6 W5 W2 W4 D3 4.5
2 Logan Faulkner W10 W7 L1 W6 W4 4.0
3 Mythreya Dharani W8 L4 W10 W5 D1 3.5
4 Shohom Bandyopadhyay W14 W3 W7 L1 L2 3.0
5 Cameron Simonds W12 L1 W8 L3 W9 3.0
6 Annie Alvarez L1 W9 W11 L2 W13 3.0
7 Suhang Liu W11 L2 L4 W9 W8 3.0
8 Malia Brown L3 W13 L5 W10 L7 2.0
9 Orrin Keener W13 L6 W12 L7 L5 2.0
10 Troy Sheikh L2 W12 L3 L8 W14 2.0
11 Joshua Kimball L7 W14 L6 W13 L12 2.0
12 Chloe Maxey L5 L10 L9 D14 W11 1.5
13 Dani Jetton L9 L8 W14 L11 L6 1.0
14 Hannah Wach L4 L11 L13 D12 L10 0.5

Queen's Crown Standings - Parent's Section



Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot
1 Anand Wadikar W5 W2 W3 3.0
2 Harjeet Dhillon W4 L1 W5 2.0
3 Kyle Gosselin-harris B--- W6 L1 2.0
4 Jeff Hilton L2 B--- W6 2.0
5 Ryan Smith L1 W7 L2 1.0
6 Cassie Keener W7 L3 L4 1.0
7 Jerry Hansen L6 L5 B--- 1.0