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Coming events: Winter-Spring 2018 Schedule

Valley Chess Center ~ Friday Night Quads*
Next Friday Quads ~ January 12, 2018
$5 G/45 d+
5 ~ Casual Play and Tutoring
Open 6:30 pm ~ Reg by 6:45 pm ~ Game at 7:00 pm
Please pre-register for Quads: 509-822-9800.

After School Chess Clubs ~ FLIER
Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 pm
| Wednesday 5:30 to 6:30 pm
5:30 - 7:00 pm for experienced players

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Frosty Pawn Tournament ~ Jan 6
NW Rating
Upper Pawns ~ 1st: Mathew Wasson | 2nd: Arnav Wadikar
Pawns ~ Eshan Reddy | 2nd: Dylan Boyle
Upsets: Brayden Martin 276 | Joseph Malsam 278
1st Place Grades:
Grd1: 1st: Yashas Hithalamane | Grd2: Justin Clark
Grd3: Matthew Hou | Grd4: Ben Barrett | Grd5: Rohan Dhillon
MS:Malia Brown | HS: Sam Sauder & Dylan Teilborg
Family Team: Wadikar (father and son)

Holiday Tournament ~ Dec 29
NW Rating
1st place - Grace Deng | 2nd place: Lily Deng
3rd place: Desmond Paquet | 4th place: Niles Lewis
5th place: Mathew Wasson | 6th place: Matthew Hou
7th place: Sam Sauder
Upsets: Niles Lewis 358, Neal Pan 284

Queen's Crown Tournament ~ Dec 2
NW Rating Results
K-12: 1st=Mathew Wasson | 2nd=Varun Ambalavanan
K-6: 1st=Tyrel Teilborg | 2nd=Desmond Paquet
K-4: 1st=Mathew Thomas | 2nd=Joshua Schoenberger
K-2: 1st=Yashas Hithalamane | 2nd=Eshan Reddy
Upsets: K-12=Dylan Boyle | K-6=Ira Morelli
K-4=Adrian Fernandes | K-2=Joseph Malsam

Grd1=Hattie Condon | Grd2=Justin Clark
Grd3=Liam Welsh | Grd4=Brax Proszek
Grd5=Cole Knapton | Grd6=Mason Hubble
MS=Malia Brown | HS=Sam Sauder
1st Team: Libby Odyssey | 2nd Team: Hope Home School
Family Team: Wadikar (father son)

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Valley Chess Center ~ MAP
Open during Friday Quads
and by appointment ~

Schedule 2018

Friday Quads are open to all
students, coaches, adults
at the Valley Chess Center.
USCF and NW Rating events
Sign in 6:30 to 6:45 pm
Play begins at 7:00 pm
Please register:
Text/phone: 509-822-9800

  Coming Events ~ TOURNAMENTS and CAMPS  
  Winterfest at Deer Park
WA State Qualifying
January 20 ~ FLIER ~ Deer Park High School - During WINTERFEST
Check in: Saturday 8:45 am - 9:30 am
Five Rounds: Starting 10:00 am ~ All players play five rounds.
Format:  Time G/30, Rated by NW Rating
Entrance fee: $15 by Thursday 11 pm ~ Late registartion $20
Byes may be requested with registration.
Register: or text 509-822-9800
Foor and beverages will be available by Winterfest food vendors.
  Groundhog Shadow

WA State Qualifying
February 3 ~ FLIER ~ Hope Lutheran Church
Check in: Saturday 8:45 am - 9:30 am
Five Rounds: Starting 10:00 am ~ All players play five rounds.
Format:  Time G/30, Rated by NW Rating
Entrance fee: $15 by Wednesday 11 pm ~ Late registartion $20
Byes may be requested with registration.
Register: or text 509-822-9800
Lunch provided by Hope Lutheran Church

QUADS - Fridays ~ FLIER
USCF and/or NW Rated
Students, Adults, Coaches

Next Quad January 12 ~ Inland Chess Valley Chess Center
Check in: Friday 6:45 am / Game beings at 7:00 pm
Three Rounds ~ One Round each Friday
Format: Time G/45 d+5 Rated by USCF &/or NW Rating
Register in advance: or phone/text: 509-822-9800


  Scholastic Chess Club at your children's school

NEW: Inland Chess Academy now has a Chess Center located at 920 N. Argonne Rd., Suite 120 in Spokane Valley offering after school club sessions Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for students who attend schools which do not offer after school chess clubs.

School chess clubs meet once weekly for one hour, either before or after school. Students develop chess skills with the coach's assistance through lectures, exercises, and tournament style play. Tuition includes subscriptions to Chess Magnet School's online self study chess school and learning and play website.

Parents are encouraged to attend weekly chess club sessions, no charge.

More schools will be added as coaches become certified. If you do not see your child's school, please ask your principal to contact Inland Chess Academy.

Schools with Inland Chess Academy supported chess clubs ~
Winter 2018

All Saints Catholic School ~ Winter FLIER
Cataldo Catholic School ~ Winter FLIER
Eagle Peak School ~ contact school office
Farwell Elementary School ~ Winter FLIER
First Presbyterian Christian School ~ Winter FLIER
Freeman Elementary, MS, & HS ~ Winter FLIER
Home School at ICA ~ Contact Inland Chess Academy
Hope Home School Chess Club ~ Hope Lutheran
Hutton Elementary ~ To be determined
Libby Odyssey ~ Winter FLIER
MEAD Home School ~ contact school office

• MEPP Home School ~ contact school office
• Moran Prairie Elementary School ~ FLIER
• Mullan Road Elementary School ~ Winter FLIER
• North Wall School ~ contact school office
NW Christian Elementary School ~ Winter FLIER
Pioneer School ~ FLIER
Pride Prep School ~ Winter FLIER
Ramsey Elementary, CDA ~ contact school office
Roosevelt Elementary ~ Nov to Jan FLIER
Southside Christian School ~ Winter FLIER
St. Charles Catholic School ~ Winter FLIER
St. John Vianney Catholic School ~ Winter FLIER
TEC Bryant School ~ To be determined
• The Oaks ~
To be determined
Trinity Catholic School ~ To be determined
Valley Christian Elementary ~ Winter ~ To be determined

Let us hear from schools with chess clubs so we can post your information.

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Camps for 2017-2018 school year:
Spring Break
Summer June, July, and August
Thanksgiving Saturday
Holiday between Christmas and New Year

Tournament Results for 2017 - 2018 School Year
Results will be posted here after every tournament.
December 29 ~ Holiday Tournament ~ List of Winnre ~ NW Rating Results
December 2 ~ Queen's Crown Scholastic Tournament ~ List of Winners ~ NW Rating Results
November 18 ~ Pilgrim's Progress Scholastic Tournament ~ List of Winners ~ NW Rating Result
November 4 ~ Kings Klash Scholastic Tournament ~ List of Winners ~ NW Rating RESULTS
October 21 ~ Harvest Pawn Scholastic Tournament ~ RESULTS
October 7 ~ Black Knight Joust Scholastic Tournament ~ RESULTS
Tournaments past years: 2013~2014 . 2014~2015 . 2015~2016 . 2016-2017

Spokane Chess Club

Meets ever Thursday night at Gonzaga University. USCF rated events.

Employment: Coaches are needed in order for us to offer chess clubs in more schools.
For an appointment to learn about a paid coaching position in our scholastic program phone 509-822-9800.

* QUAD is a round robin tournment of four players playing three round.
Each player plays all other players once.

920 N. Argonne Rd., Suite 120, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 509-822-9800 ~

Inland Chess Academy scholastic events are open to all K-12 students, from anywhere.

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